Services & Duties

Property Manager and Duties:

  • The Property Manager creates a detailed map and log for each community.
  • Maintains logs of all contracts for all vendors and renewal dates to obtain competitive pricing.
  • Conducts all annual election and budget meetings in compliance with association’s documents.
  • The Property Manager will assist in resolving owner problems as that pertain to the association. In addition, the PM will work as part of a team with the Board of Directors to analyze any issues the community may have and assist in discovering low cost, effective solutions for issues that may come up
  • The Property Manager will address all unit owner and resident violations while on site by leaving a door hanger requesting immediate action to be taken by the unit owner and/or resident of the unit in violation. A copy of violation will be mailed to the owner if the mailing address is found to be different than the unit in violation. All violations will be tracked for prompt follow up action.
  • The Property Manager will assist the Board of Directors in the enforcement of the provisions set forth by the Association’s Documents as well as their Rules and Regulations.
  • The Association will screen all new owners and tenants of the property giving a detailed report to the board members showing employment, landlord & personal reference verification of the new resident(s).

    The screening will include:

      • Copies of leases/purchase contracts and registrations of all vehicles.
      • Management will ensure that Rules and Regulations are signed by all new residents and will provide an interview where the residents will be informed of the communities Rules to ensure compliance

    The screening is done free of charge to the community and is paid for by the applicant(s).

  • The Property Manager will ensure that collections are pursued for all files in arrears on Association’s budgeted expenses.

Accounts Receivable | Accounts Payable | Collections

  • Balances both AP with AR.
  • Reconcile Bank Statements.
  • Track NSF Checks.
  • Produce monthly financial reporting.
  • Create Budgets.
  • Create analytical reporting on water bills, utility bills and misc. consumption.
  • Post all incoming checks to each account by importing daily deposits.
  • Post late fees to governing docs of the community, following through with monthly statements for all accounts with balances.
  • Maintain a log of all bills to be paid.
  • Negotiate payment plans with vendors if needed.
  • Assist with obtaining loans for projects required by the community.
  • Track accounts in arrears.
  • Invoice the community for monthly maintenance.

Competitive Bidding Process

  • Administrative service in assisting with preparing daily and routine maintenance.
  • Diligent management of contractors, repair and maintenance services.
  • Organize and evaluate needed structural and safety repairs.
  • Establish a reputable specialized vendor contact list.

General Ledger “GL” Reconciliation.

  • Balances both AP with AR.
  • Produce monthly financial reporting.
  • Reconcile bank statements.
  • Create budgets.
  • Track NSF checks.
  • Create analytical reporting on water bills, utility bills, and misc. consumption.